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Czar Peter

Diorama style illustrations for a booklet Noem mij maar Pieter (Just call me Peter) about Tsar Peter the Great, published by Moon Publishers/Hermitage Amsterdam.

Diorama style illsutrations for a booklet. Moon Publishers/Hermitage Amsterdam. Mixed media.

The Online Coach

To illustrate the balancing act between activities and the clock, I projected some attributes of wellness God Shiva on the image of a contemporary woman.

Illustration for The Online Coach. India ink.


These illustrations stress the need for consumers to demand clean energy from their power companies.

Illustrations for a leaflet, Greenpeace. Water colour, India ink.

Zoo, wat een dieren

Illustrations for a children’s book by Ymkje Swart. An adaptation was later published as a guide for children to the Antwerp Zoo. The title is dutch for Zoo, look at all those animals.

Illustrations for a children’s book, Pimento Publishers. Mixed media, collage.